• Flying Machines and Poems Sung by Strangers

    May 6 to November 4, 2013

    Kelowna International Airport

    @ the Kelowna Art Gallery's Airport Gallery

  • Terroir: Physically Speaking @ Penticton Art Gallery

    Exhibition opens Friday March 22nd

    Exhibtion runs from March 22nd through to May 12th

    Artists: Wanda Lock, Stephan Bircher, Rose Braun, Michael Hermesh, Shauna Oddleifson and Johann Wessels

    Penticton Art Gallery
    199 Marina Way, Penticton BC
    (tel) 250 493 2928

  • Personal Topographies (a selection of works from the permanent collection)

    Kelowna Art Gallery
    August 25 to October 28, 2012

  • Diversity in Drawing Exhibition

    Lake Country Art Gallery, 10356A Bottom Wood Lake Rd, Lake Country, BC

    October 13 to November 13, 2011

    Featuring Nine Okanagan Artists, curated by Jim Kalnin and Destanne Norris

    Artist Statement
    When I was about nine years old my brother found my diary and read it. OMG! It was horrific...I didn’t know what to do. Embarrassed, I wanted to slip away into nothingness. My diary writing days were officially over but my need to record and decipher the world around me was still strong and relentless.
    And so I decided to draw. These beginning drawings were abstract, unrecognizable scribbles that only I could decode; a perfect way to fulfill my need to chronicle my life and the world around me. I continued this practice through my teens, into art school and on through my twenties.
    In 2001 I stopped drawing pictures about my musings on life and took on a documentary role, using the people and events in my community as subject. An interaction at the cafe, a conversation at the soccer field, a quick hello in a parking lot are taken back to the studio and used as a premise for a new work. My drawings are not about me, my drawings are about you.
    I draw every day, almost obsessively. And chances are, if you and I meet, however briefly, I will make a drawing about it.

    Wanda Lock
    October 2011

  • Starting Point

    Starting Point Exhibition at the Lake Country Art Gallery, June 4th to July 17th

  • 'Constructions of Identity' @ The Kelowna Art Gallery

    Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery
    October 9th to December 12th

  • 'It came from the sky' @ Elevation Gallery

    'It came from the sky' New works by Lisa Brawn and Wanda Lock
    @ Elevation Gallery in Canmore Alberta
    October 29th to November 6th
    #100 729 Main Street
    Canmore Alberta

  • UFO Series Artist Statement

    UFO Series Artist Statement September 2010

    It was February when Albert came to see my new work in the studio. “I’m painting UFOs”, I said, “I’m not sure what they are about but a jumping off point is from stories I’ve heard over the years from individuals who have had encounters with aliens and experienced alien abductions”. Albert looked at the paintings around the studio. “Oh I don’t like UFO stories”, he said. “The stories never end well and always involve a probe”.
    I have the words, ‘waiting for women in flying saucers, under the stars and power lines’ written on a wall in my studio. The lyrics are from Junkhouse’s 1997 song ‘Shine’ and I had carried this image with me for sometime before starting the UFO series in 2009. The idea of waiting for something, especially something arriving in a UFO left a curious impression on me. And so it began, in a sketchbook in the summer of 2009, small pencil drawings of flying saucers started what has now become a collection of sketches, drawings, mixed media paintings on paper and acrylic and oil paintings on canvas.
    Although the specific meaning of each individual work can be somewhat elusive, the overall theme of the UFO Series is about anticipation, mystery, hope, the unknown and pursuit of human contact.